Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Announces 2018 Inventor Fellows

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Announces 2018 Inventor Fellows

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has announced its 2018 class of Moore Inventor Fellows.

Launched in 2016, the $36 million fellowship program recognizes early-career innovators at U.S. universities with the potential to accelerate progress in scientific research, environmental conservation, and patient care. Through the program, each fellow will receive a total of $825,000 over three years, including $50,000 a year from his or her home institution. With the aim of diversifying the applicant portfolio, this year's nominees were solicited from select research institutions in addition to universities.

The 2018 Moore Inventor Fellows include Victor Brar (University of Wisconsin-Madison), whose invention of a novel optical metasurface that generates infrared light holds the promise of a low-cost and efficient method for chemical sensing and for communication; Livia Schiavinato Eberlin (University of Texas, Austin), who is engineering a device that uses machine learning methods to identify cancer cells in operating room settings; Zachary Holman (Arizona State University), whose invention transforms surfaces with thin layers of functional nanomaterials that alter the way they interact with light, heat, and electricity, doubling the efficiency of solar modules; Hal Holmes (Conservation X Labs), whose invention of a handheld, battery-powered screening tool enables anyone to perform an automated DNA test to identify wildlife products in the field; and Prineha Narang (Harvard University), who has invented a tiny quantum sensor that uses a novel interaction mechanism between light and molecules to sense and identify individual molecules, a potential step in accelerating the accurate identification of environmental toxins.

"Gordon Moore had a deep passion for science and invention. It was this purpose and drive that helped fuel the digital revolution and provided part of the rich history of science and invention at the core of Silicon Valley," said Moore Foundation president Harvey V. Fineberg. "These young inventors show great promise for creating positive outcomes for future generations."

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