Greenlining Institute announces new strategic plan

Greenlining Institute announces new strategic plan

The Greenlining Institute in Oakland, California, has announced a new strategic plan focused on increasing the well-being of communities and households of color.

With the ultimate aim of building a "just economy," the three-year plan commits the organization to working "towards a future where communities of color can build wealth, live in healthy places filled with economic opportunity, and are ready to meet the challenges posed by climate change." To that end, the organization will focus on filling three roles — as an advocate leading strategy and policy efforts, raising the visibility of issues that impact communities of color, and building political will in support of policies that address them; as a bridge builder that holds both the public and private sectors accountable, brings various stakeholders together to develop powerful solutions, and supports knowledge sharing; and as an incubator that works with communities to create and test policies and programs, trains diverse leaders, organizations, and communities of color to be resilient advocates for change, and offers space to host community events.

The organization also announced that it is realigning its staff structure to more effectively achieve the new plan's priorities while maintaining its ongoing work on issues such as banking, housing, climate, health, and access to technology.

"Since our founding, Greenlining has brought literally hundreds of billions of dollars in investment into communities of color, but dollars — even when equitably distributed — aren't enough," said the organization's president and CEO, Debra Gore-Mann. "While we work to meet the immediate needs of underserved communities, we're going to redouble our efforts to fundamentally transform the systems that created these inequities in the first place."

"The Greenlining Institute announces new strategic plan." Greenlining Institute press release 03/23/2021.