Hearst Foundations Award $1.7 Million to California Nonprofits

The Hearst Foundations in San Francisco have awarded grants totaling $1.7 million to twenty California nonprofits working in the arts, education, youth development, conservation, and health and human services, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Grant recipients include the California Institute of the Arts, which was awarded $200,000 to establish a Center for Life and Work; the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association, which will receive $200,000 for educational initiatives; and the Oakland Military Institute College Preparatory Academy, which was awarded $100,000 toward construction of a Math, Science and Technology Center. In addition, College Summit, Inc. and the Foundation for Students Rising Above each will receive $75,000 in support of their efforts to increase college enrollment and graduation rates among low-income youth in the Los Angeles Unified School District and the Bay Area, respectively.

Other recipients include the Children's Hospital of Orange County Foundation, which was awarded $100,000 to help establish a critical care nursing station; That Man May See, Inc., which will receive $100,000 to provide funding for state-of-the-art equipment in the new pediatric ophthalmology unit at San Francisco General Hospital; and Zen Hospice Project, Inc., which was awarded $50,000 for its Compassion for the Caregiver Program.

"Hearst Foundations Award $1.7 Million." San Francisco Chronicle 10/20/2012.