Heinz Endowments awards $12.1 million to advance racial equity

Heinz Endowments awards $12.1 million to advance racial equity

The Heinz Endowments has announced grants totaling $12.1 million in support of efforts to advance racial equity across the Pittsburgh region. 

The funding includes more than $9.2 million to address systemic issues and barriers  affecting Black communities and to strengthen and expand programs that support African-American families. Grants totaling $7.2 million will support nonprofits providing funding for arts organizations, media programs, and a range of community and economic development initiatives, while the remaining $2 million will fund efforts to address issues impacting Black families and children, including racial disparities in infant mortality rates. Recipients include Advancing Black Arts in Pittsburgh, a joint program of the Heinz Endowments and the Pittsburgh Foundation ($1 million); the August Wilson African American Cultural Center ($800,000); the Allegheny Conference on Community Development ($250,000); the Northside Industrial Development Company ($150,000 grant); Healthy Start ($200,000); and the University of Pittsburgh's P.R.I.D.E. — Positive Racial Identity Development in Early Education — program ($200,000).

The foundation also awarded $1.6 million to the Sarah Heinz House Association on Pittsburgh's North Side in support of its diversity and equity practices. In addition, grants totaling $1.3 million will help fund ongoing criminal justice reform initiatives, including the University of Pittsburgh's Just Discipline Regional Impact Model ($500,000) and youth diversion programs at the Foundation of Hope ($200,000) and Three Rivers Youth ($100,000). 

"If we are to advance our vision of creating a community that is fair and welcoming for all, we need to address deep-rooted issues of injustice and inequity that afflict our region," said Heinz Endowments president Grant Oliphant. "This is an especially important moment to invest in programs that focus on the health, well-being and success of Black families and individuals who experience injustice and disproportionate hardship that has been further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic."

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"Heinz Endowments awards additional $12 mil to address equity issues." Heinz Endowments press release 11/05/2020.