Hewlett Foundation Announces Changes in Arts Grantmaking Program

Hewlett Foundation Announces Changes in Arts Grantmaking Program

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation in Menlo Park, California, has announced changes to its Performing Arts program.

To meet the evolving needs of the Bay Area arts community, the foundation has released a new strategic framework (16 pages, PDF) that will guide its performing arts grantmaking over the next five years. While the foundation will continue to support nonprofit arts organizations that are creating, producing, and presenting performances across the region and will continue to fund organizations working to ensure that Bay Area youth have access to high-quality arts education, it will also provide, through new focus areas, support for artists and artists' networks and will work to help arts leaders become more effective advocates for their communities.

"Throughout this period of research and reflection, we have been encouraged by feedback from arts and culture leaders that we can and should do more to ensure that our performing arts funding reaches more people and more communities than it has in the past," said program director Emiko Ono in a blog post. "We believe that the changes we are announcing today are necessary to expand on grantees and their peers' extraordinary contributions to their communities, and ensure art and culture continue to thrive throughout the region a generation from now."

(Photo credit: Joanna Jaigood, Zaccho Studio)

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