Hilton Foundation Invests $3 Million in Pay-for-Success Project

Hilton Foundation Invests $3 Million in Pay-for-Success Project

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation has announced a $3 million investment in a pay-for-success project aimed at reducing recidivism among the homeless in Los Angeles County.

The county's first public-private partnership to be funded through a pay-for-success model will finance efforts to provide supportive housing and services for homeless people with mental health issues at risk of being sent back to jail simply because they are homeless. By providing homeless individuals with access to supportive housing and health and social services — including substance abuse treatment and case management — upon their release from jail, the Just in Reach (JIR) program hopes to disrupt the destructive cycle of homelessness and incarceration, improve health outcomes for the target population, and save the county money. The foundation and UnitedHealthcare will invest a total of $10 million in the program, which aims to place three hundred homeless individuals who are in custody at the county jail and have a mental health and/or substance use disorder into permanent supportive housing over the next four years.

Partners in the project include the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, the Corporation for Supportive Housing, the National Council on Crime & Delinquency in partnership with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, and the County CEO's Office.

"We're excited to be part of this significant milestone for public-private partnership in LA County," said Bill Pitkin, director of domestic programs at the Hilton Foundation. "The foundation is proud to jump-start another initiative within the county that lifts up supportive housing as the solution to the cycle of homelessness and recidivism — and this time through an innovative financial model."

(Photo credit: Conrad N. Hilton Foundation)