Indiana University Receives $1 Million for 'Being Human' Project

Indiana University Receives $1 Million for 'Being Human' Project

Indiana University Bloomington has announced a $1 million grant from the Henry Luce Foundation for a study of what "makes us human."

Awarded through the foundation's Theology Program, the grant will support the Being Human project, an investigation of all that makes us human — "from the terrible to the playful, in different places and times, in areas from imaginative arts to empirical sciences" — involving scholars from the university's departments of English, anthropology, history, and biology, as well as its Media School, the Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies, and the Integrated Program in the Environment.

Areas of inquiry and activities supported by the grant will include religion, science, and technology as well as an examination of how those fields affect humanity and nature; the creation of a journal, digital program, and public events aimed at broadening the conversation about religion in the Americas; and an Emerging Scholars Program.

"With the awarding of this grant for the 'Being Human' project and new center, IU Bloomington will become a center for inquiry into the question of being human in ways that expand both scholarly and public participation," said Indiana University vice provost for research Rick Van Kooten. "With the urgent need for better understandings of religion in the world today, I'm very pleased that these new research and teaching initiatives and center will be moving forward."

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