Irvine Foundation Awards Grants Totaling $16.6 Million

Irvine Foundation Awards Grants Totaling $16.6 Million

The James Irvine Foundation has announced eighteen grants totaling more than $16.6 million, including support for two initiatives focused on helping low-income workers in California.

Through its Fair Work initiative, the foundation awarded four grants totaling nearly $7.5 million in support of efforts to ensure that fairness and opportunity are afforded to all workers. The grants include awards of $700,000 to the California Labor Federation AFL-CIO to expand its engagement and credentialing programs for low-wage and immigrant workers; $575,000 to United for Respect to expand a digital platform that provides access to information on workers' legal rights; $5.4 million over two years in support of the National Employment Law Project's efforts to help workers recover wages and provide them with other protections through the California Strategic Enforcement Partnership; and $820,000 in support of research and activities at the UCLA Labor Center. And through its Better Careers initiative, the foundation awarded $500,000 to JobTrain, which will work to place graduates of its Career Training Pathways program in jobs in four sectors.

In addition, the foundation awarded grants in the areas of Priority Regions, Protecting Immigrant Rights, and voter and civic engagement. Recipients include the Reinvent Stockton Foundation, which was awarded $420,000 in support of a school-to-social justice pipeline; the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, which will receive $500,000 over eighteen months to implement a communications strategy and strengthen the civic engagement capacity of immigrant communities across the state; and Power California, which was awarded $1 million to mount nonpartisan voter and civic engagement campaigns aimed at educating and engaging young people of color. Other grants include $700,000 to the California Community Foundation in support of Census 2020 Regional Partnership Los Angeles and $2 million over four years to Faith in Action Network in support of PICO California's voter and civic engagement efforts.

(Photo credit: PICO California)

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