Jonas Center Announces First Grants in Nursing Scholars Program

The New York City-based Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence has announced the first four grants in its $2.5 million Jonas Nursing Scholars Program, which is designed to address the nation's accelerating shortage of nursing faculty.

The program supports the educational development of new nursing faculty and is designed to stimulate models for joint faculty appointments between schools of nursing and clinical affiliates. The grants, which are awarded to institutions, will fund six doctoral students beyond the number the schools had planned to admit. Jonas Scholars will each receive up to $70,000 per year for four years through forgivable loans. In return, scholars agree to complete a doctoral degree in four years, limit their salaried employment during the course of study, begin teaching nursing full-time in the New York metropolitan area within four months of degree completion, and work as teachers in the area for at least four years.

Eligibility for the program has been extended to academic institutions outside the New York area, provided they partner with New York-based academic and clinical affiliates. The grantees are the Columbia University School of Nursing and Columbia University's Irving Institute of Translational Science; City University of New York Graduate Center and the Yale School of Nursing; and Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing and Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. In addition, two scholars were accepted through the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing and New York University College of Nursing.

"Much of the attention paid to the nation's nursing crisis focuses on clinical practice, where the shortfall is most visible to the public," said Jonas Center executive director Marilyn A. DeLuca. "However, faculty development is crucial to ensure we can train the next generation of nurses who will provide individuals and communities access to quality healthcare and services."