King Baudouin Foundation, Give2Asia to simplify cross-border giving

 King Baudouin Foundation, Give2Asia to simplify cross-border giving

The King Baudouin Foundation in Brussels and Give2Asia in New York City have announced a partnership aimed at simplifying and facilitating cross-border philanthropy.

A collaboration of six philanthropic entities — KBF, which serves donors in Belgium and across Europe; KBFUS, which serves U.S. donors supporting charities based in Europe and Africa.; KBF Canada, which helps Canadian donors develop and implement charitable projects internationally; Give2Asia, which helps U.S. donors support charities in twenty-three Asia-Pacific countries; Give2Asia Foundation Ltd., which serves Hong Kong-based donors giving internationally; and Give2Asia Australia, to be launched in the spring of 2021 to serve Australia-based donors seeking to support poverty alleviation and other causes internationally — will provide individual donors, foundations, and corporations with more geographic options for tax-deductible giving, a wider network of vetted nonprofits and grantees, and high-quality services and philanthropic advice.

As part of the agreement, KBF will establish the KBF Endowment Fund at Give2Asia to support Give2Asia's future growth. The two organizations also will exchange board members and work to align their donor services.

"We see this collaboration as an opportunity to stimulate Asian-driven philanthropy to be an even more positive force in Asia and around the world," said Give2Asia board chair George SyCip. "We look forward to working with KBF to strengthen communities and to foster Asia's growing nonprofit sector."

"Donors in every country deserve a simple and trusted way to support charities across borders," said King Baudouin Foundation board chair Thomas Leysen. "This partnership will offer a new caliber of philanthropic service to individuals and corporations who want to make a difference."

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"KBF and Give2Asia announce partnership to simplify cross-border philanthropy." King Baudouin Foundation and Give2Asia press release 12/14/2020.