Kresge Expands Detroit Project With $6 Million Commitment

Kresge Expands Detroit Project With $6 Million Commitment

The Kresge Foundation has announced that it is committing an additional $6 million over three years in support of neighborhood projects in Detroit.

Building on its three-year, $5 million Kresge Innovation Projects: Detroit (KIP:D) effort, which supported forty projects and sixteen planning efforts between 2015 and 2017, the commitment will support planning and implementation activities with grants of up to $150,000.

The relaunch of KIP:D involves three significant changes from the pilot effort launched in 2015. Applications will be streamlined via an online process requiring less documentation than in the past, with the concept proposal reduced to four questions answerable in a one- to two-page response or a three- to five-minute video. Projects can last up to two years — six months more than those funded by the pilot — to allow more time for community engagement, planning, design, and related activities.

In addition, the foundation will award $500,000 annually and will partner with Michigan Community Resources to help grantees coordinate technical and network-building activities and share their learnings.

"Our goal is to meet Detroiters and their organizations where they are," said Wendy Lewis Jackson, managing director of the KIP:D program. "We've had numerous meetings with past KIP:D grantees as a group to find out how we can better help them with the important work that they are undertaking. What we learn shapes our approach on an ongoing basis."