L.A.-Based Cedars-Sinai Awards $15 Million to Safety-Net Organizations

L.A.-Based Cedars-Sinai Awards $15 Million to Safety-Net Organizations

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles has announced grants totaling $15 million in support of more than a hundred organizations serving vulnerable populations in the region.

The grants more than double Cedars-Sinai's 2018 funding for safety-net organizations and include support for organizations working to foster housing stability, programs for homeless residents, mental health training, and initiatives to build the capacity of community clinics.

According to the 2019 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count, some six hundred thousand people in the county struggle with housing stability issues, and over the last year there has been a 12 percent increase in homelessness. To address the problem, Cedars-Sinai awarded $160,000 to the Los Angeles LGBT Center in support of vocational training for youth transitioning out of homelessness; $100,000 to the City of Santa Monica to conduct a study that will explore the feasibility of providing health care to the homeless; and $100,000 to Home for Good, a public-private partnership that invests in homelessness solutions.

Grants awarded in support of community clinics include $1.5 million over two years through the Cedars-Sinai Community Clinic Initiative in support of seventeen community clinics working to reduce disparities in health care, and $500,000 over three years to Planned Parenthood to develop well-being centers on school campuses. Grant recipients in the area of behavioral health include Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital, which was awarded $1 million to develop a self-sustaining behavioral health program. And grants awarded in alignment with Cedars-Sinai's Judaic values include one of $500,000 over five years to the Jewish Free Loan Association to establish the Cedars-Sinai Housing Stability Loan Fund.

"We take our role in the community as seriously as we take patient care, research, and education," said Cedars-Sinai president and CEO Thomas M. Priselac. "We are driven by a strategic focus on improving access to care and addressing social determinants of health. Ultimately, we are working to break down barriers that affect tens of thousands of people within the safety net."

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