Lilly Endowment Announces 2020 Teacher Creativity Fellows

Lilly Endowment Announces 2020 Teacher Creativity Fellows

The Indianapolis-based Lilly Endowment has announced the recipients of its 2020 Teacher Creativity Fellowships.

Selected from a pool of more than four hundred and fifty applicants, a hundred K-12 educators in Indiana, including teachers, principals, media specialists, and school counselors, will receive up to $12,000 to pursue creative renewal activities that help foster their professional and personal growth. Since 1987, more than thirty-one hundred educators have received fellowships through the program.

Educators will use the award for, among other things, international travel to writing retreats, cultural and language immersion programs, explorations of ecological wonders, and immersing themselves in the lives of French and Greek mathematicians. Others will use their awards to explore national parks across the United States or participate in studio art classes.

"These teachers, school counselors, principals, and media specialists have designed projects that promise to restore them both personally and professionally," said Ted Maple, the endowment's vice president for education. "For more than three decades, we have learned how meaningful these renewal experiences can be for the educators themselves. But we know, too, that they return to their schools rejuvenated and with a greater commitment to their students and their schools."

For a complete list of this year's Teacher Creative Fellows, see the Lilly Endowment website.