Los Angeles-Based Fund Awards More Than $11.5 Million to Reduce Animal Euthanasia

Michelson Prize & Grants, a program of the Los Angeles-based Found Animals Foundation, has announced grants totaling more than $11.5 million to scientists working to develop a non-surgical sterilant for cats and dogs.

The program seeks to provide up to $50 million in grants to researchers around the world and an additional $25 million to the first researcher or team of scientists to develop a successful solution. Since it was established in 2008, the program has supported twenty-three scientists working to reduce overcrowding in animal shelters due to overpopulation — a problem that, according to the Humane Society, leads to as many as four million cats and dogs being euthanized annually.

Although surgical spaying and neutering procedures are safe and effective, they require general anesthesia and the use of a surgical facility, creating obstacles for pet owners such as high cost, animal transport, and surgery risk. A single-dose, good-for-life, non-surgical sterilant would be more effective and reduce costs and inconvenience.

"We are thrilled researchers from across the globe have joined us in the search for a way to end the senseless killing of healthy dogs and cats," said Found Animals Foundation executive director Aimee Gilbreath. "We're proud to have surpassed $10 million in funding for a non-surgical sterilant and want scientists to know we're still accepting grant proposals amidst this time of government budget cuts."