MacArthur Foundation Invests $18 Million in India's Climate Leadership

MacArthur Foundation Invests $18 Million in India's Climate Leadership

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation has announced grants totaling more than $18 million in support of India's leadership on climate change.

Awarded as part of the foundation's previously announced "big bet" on climate solutions, the funding will support the efforts of twenty civil society organizations working with the Indian government to accelerate climate policy breakthroughs, renewable energy production, the adoption of clean technologies, and further research on carbon pricing and emissions trading. While the grants bring the foundation's total investment in climate solutions to $103 million, they are the first it has awarded to organizations in India, the world's second-most populous country, since announcing its broader commitment in 2015.

Recipients include the Council on Energy, Environment and Water (New Delhi), which was awarded two grants totaling $395,000 to develop an alternative growth model for India that informs policy makers' technology and investment decisions and to produce an inventory of the country's greenhouse gas emissions; Prayas (Pune, Maharashtra), which will receive $600,000 to study residential energy consumption and ways to model different fuel mixes, energy policies, and infrastructure investments in anticipation of the country's future energy needs; and the World Resources Institute (Washington, D.C.), which was awarded $975,000 to help reduce electricity usage by large industrial consumers in the country through the adoption of energy efficiency measures and procurement of energy from renewable sources.

"India aspires to bring electricity to millions while also limiting its contributions to global warming," said MacArthur Foundation president Julia Stasch. "The government of India has already demonstrated admirable leadership on addressing climate change with the commitments it made in the Paris Agreement. MacArthur enjoys strong working relationships with Indian research institutions, NGOs, and the government, and we look forward to continued productive partnerships and even further progress on addressing climate change in the future."

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