Mark Foundation awards $8 million for collaborative research

Mark Foundation awards $8 million for collaborative research

The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research has announced the  inaugural recipients of Endeavor Award grants totaling $8 million in support of collaborative research projects.

Created to support teams of scientists working on research challenges in cancer that are too complex for an individual lab to address on its own, the program will fund projects focused on three particularly intractable problems in cancer research: preventing and overcoming metastasis, decoding the whole-body response to cancer, and understanding the molecular mechanisms of tumor plasticity and progression.

Recipients of the grants include a team of six scientists from the University of California, San Francisco working to get at the roots of metastasis by using single-cell analysis and a "multi-omic" approach to study different subsets of tumor cells; a team led by two researchers at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory that will investigate the systemic biological changes that can occur by analyzing cancer’s interactions with the neuroendocrine system, immune system, and microbiome; and a multicenter team of four investigators from Columbia UniversityMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine that will study the role lineage plasticity — a process by which cancer cells change from one morphological and functional cell type to another — plays in the progression from non-muscle invasive bladder cancer to muscle invasive bladder cancer.

"Collaboration is key to success in science," said Mark Foundation CEO Michele Cleary. "Our funding brings together investigators who are passionate about solving a common problem with very complementary capabilities and expertise that, when deployed together, accelerate the discovery of new knowledge and solutions."

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