Mel Gibson Donates $10 Million to Los Angeles Hospitals for International Charity Care

The Mattel Children's Hospital at UCLA and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles have announced $5 million gifts from actor/director Mel Gibson to provide care to needy children from foreign countries.

The gifts will provide the hospitals with reimbursement for medical care provided to children who are unable to attain care in their own countries, either because it is unavailable or because they lack the resources to pay for it. Children receiving care will be recommended by Spokane-based Healing the Children, under the direction of founder and California chapter director Cris Embleton. Healing the Children serves young people with serious, yet correctable, medical problems.

"Our goal is simply to unite medical care with sick and injured children," sais Embleton. "We have seen for ourselves how willing hands and hearts can make this world a better place for all children."

"Through this remarkable contribution, the generosity of Mr. Gibson will transform the lives of children throughout the world," added Dr. Edward McCabe, chief physician of the Mattel Children's Hospital.