MIT Receives $20 Million for Nano Imaging Suite

MIT Receives $20 Million for Nano Imaging Suite

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has announced a $20 million gift from the Tang family of Hong Kong in support of its nano facility and Quest for Intelligence initiative.

The gift includes $15 million for the naming rights to MIT.nano's Tang Family Imaging Suite, part of a highly specialized facility for viewing, measuring, and understanding matter at the nanoscale. With design features that include a five-million-pound slab of concrete for stabilization, isolated construction of individual spaces, and technology to minimize mechanical and electromagnetic interference, MIT's nano imaging suite provides the kind of "quiet" environment needed for this kind of sensitive work.

"The imaging suite will allow scientists and engineers to decipher the structure and function of matter with precision that has not been possible before and, armed with this new knowledge, identify promising opportunities for innovation in health, energy, communications and computing, and a host of other fields," said Vladimir Bulović, inaugural director of MIT.nano and the Fariborz Maseeh Professor in Emerging Technology.

The gift also will establish the $5 million Tang Family Catalyst Fund in support of the MIT Quest for Intelligence, which will conduct artificial intelligence research activities, with a focus on projects at the intersection of AI and financial technology. 

"The Quest is fueled by cross-disciplinary collaboration and the support of enterprising people such as the Tang family who see great value in exploration and discovery," said Antonio Torralba, inaugural director of the Quest for Intelligence. "From seed grants for early-stage faculty and student research, to undergraduate and graduate student activities, the Tang Family Catalyst Fund will kindle new ideas that advance machine learning."

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