More Than $1 Billion Pledged for Health, Nutrition of Women, Children

More Than $1 Billion Pledged for Health, Nutrition of Women, Children

The Global Financing Facility, a multi-stakeholder partnership established in 2015, has announced $1 billion in contributions in support of the United Nations' Every Woman, Every Child initiative.

Launched in 2010, the initiative addresses major health challenges faced by women, children, and adolescents around the globe. Commitments from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ($200 million); an anonymous donor ($75 million); the European Commission ($30 million); Laerdal Global Health ($12.5 million); and the governments of Burkina Faso ($1 million), Canada ($39 million), Côte d'Ivoire ($1.5 million), Denmark ($15 million), Germany ($58 million), Japan ($50 million), the Netherlands ($68 million), Norway ($360 million), Qatar ($30 million), and the United Kingdom ($65 million) will move the GFF closer to its goal of raising $2 billion to expand the initiative by 2030 to fifty countries with the greatest health and nutrition needs.

According to the World Bank, which hosts the GFF, $482 million in funding from the GFF Trust Fund has been linked to $3.4 billion in funding from the World Bank's International Development Association and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development over the last three years, and the latest pledge is expected to leverage an additional $7.5 billion in IDA/IBRD resources to address the health and nutrition needs of women, children, and adolescents. In addition, the World Bank announced that, in partnership with the GFF, the World Bank Treasury has launched a series of Sustainable Development Bonds to raise awareness among investors of the significant and long-lasting benefits of investing in the health and nutrition of women, children, and adolescents, with $935 million having been raised through the bonds since June 2018. Among other things, the bonds attract private capital into the IBRD financing pool and serve as an entry point for investors to become aware of the growing opportunities in sustainable investments.

"Today there is great hope that the world's poorest countries can build healthy, vibrant futures where no woman, child, or youth is left behind," said Erna Solberg, prime minister of Norway and co-chair of Sustainable Development Goals Advocates. "The GFF partnership is effective and efficient — working with countries to develop the capacity to build and sustain the health of systems their women and children need to survive and thrive."

"Healthy women, children, and adolescents contribute to a virtuous cycle," said Gates Foundation co-chair Melinda Gates. "With health comes the ability to go to school and learn, which helps people prosper as adults, who are then able to raise empowered children who continue this cycle. That’s why the GFF is such a great investment."