Mott Foundation surpasses $100 million for Flint water crisis

Mott Foundation surpasses $100 million for Flint water crisis

The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation has announced that it has provided more than $100 million in grants to address the Flint water crisis and its impacts.

The foundation, which in May 2016 announced a five-year, $100 million commitment to address the crisis, reached that milestone a year ahead of schedule. Grants awarded to help address the impacts of the crisis were based on six priorities identified by the foundation: access to safe drinking water ($5.1 million); revitalizing the local economy ($22.1 million); meeting the health needs of families ($7.6 million); supporting educational opportunities ($67.5 million); strengthening the local nonprofit and public sectors ($3.4 million); and promoting community engagement ($800,000).

In June, the foundation awarded $3.7 million to the Genesee Area Focus Fund in support of afterschool programming in all Flint public schools; $3.3 million to the Crim Fitness Foundation in support of community education in the Flint Community Schools District; and $500,000 to the Cranbrook Educational Community to provide students with supplemental STEM education, bringing the total it has awarded to $106 million.

"While we've fulfilled our financial pledge ahead of schedule, our commitment to our hometown is as strong as ever," said Mott Foundation president and CEO Ridgway White. "We know many residents still feel like things haven’t improved for them since the water crisis, and now we’re also grappling with the coronavirus pandemic. We want to assure the Flint community that we intend to be here to work with you to address the challenges we face — today and in the future."

For a complete list of grants, see the Mott Foundation website.

"Mott Foundation surpasses $100 million in grants related to Flint water crisis." Charles Stewart Mott Foundation press release 06/29/2020.