MSU Receives $19.5 Million for Biomedical Center

MSU Receives $19.5 Million for Biomedical Center

Michigan State University has announced a $19.5 million gift from Doug Meijer and the Meijer Foundation in support of a new biomedical research center in the College of Human Medicine.

The Doug Meijer Medical Innovation Center at MSU Grand Rapids Innovation Park will house a theranostics clinic featuring a PET/MR scanner and an advanced cyclotron-equipped radiopharmacy that will be able to manufacture a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals for clinical and research use.

"The initiative supported by this generous gift could have a tremendous impact on health care by helping detect disease sooner, offering more effective and less invasive treatments, eliminating unnecessary procedures, reducing side effects, and increasing time in remission," said MSU president Samuel L. Stanley, Jr. "This innovative partnership between MSU, the western Michigan community, and business participants could ultimately improve patients' quality of life and help cut healthcare costs. It is this type of global impact that MSU strives to accomplish, and with generous gifts like this, we can do just that."

"The Meijer family has always been passionate about health care, and I am thankful to have the ability to carry that passion forward," said Meijer, co-chair of the Meijer supermarket chain and a cancer survivor. "This new medical innovation building will help save lives and improve the quality of life for many people through remarkable cancer-fighting technology. Patients will no longer have to travel overseas to receive needed treatment. I am living proof this technology works."

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