New York Women's Foundation Awarded $10.2 Million in Grants in 2019

New York Women's Foundation Awarded $10.2 Million in Grants in 2019

The New York Women's Foundation has announced that it awarded grants totaling more than $10.2 million to over a hundred and fifty community organizations in 2019.

Grants were awarded in support of community-led solutions designed to spark catalytic change and promote the economic security, safety, and health of the most marginalized women. Through its Resilience NYC initiative, the foundation awarded $1 million in support of local and national civic engagement efforts and invested in vulnerable communities in response to the changing political environment. In recognition of Transgender Day of Remembrance, the foundation awarded $180,000 to six transgender, gender-nonconforming, and non-binary (TGNCNB) organizations. And through its Fund for the #MeToo Movement and Allies, the foundation renewed partnerships with women's foundations in Washington, D.C., Minnesota, and California and added a new partnership in western Massachusetts.

In addition, the foundation awarded grants through its NYC Fund for Girls and Young Women of Color to organizations working to advance progress in housing justice, education access, immigration justice, and LGBTQ rights; and, through its Justice Fund, in support of a variety of reform efforts, including the closing of the city's main jail complex on Rikers Island, bail reform, and efforts to change the culture of local jails.

"We have approached a defining moment in history where we stand at a crossroads regarding the future of women's rights, leadership, and advancement," said New York Women's Foundation president and CEO Ana Oliveira. "Our 2019 grantmaking represents a response to the need for increased investment and collaboration from philanthropy and reflects the foundation's dedication to the needs of historically vulnerable and underinvested communities."

For a complete list of the foundation's 2019 grant recipients, see the New York Women's Foundation website.