New York Women's Foundation Awards $1 Million for Resilience

New York Women's Foundation Awards $1 Million for Resilience

The New York Women's Foundation has announced grants totaling $1 million to twenty-two grassroots organizations in New York City working to foster advocacy, leadership, and civic engagement.

Inaugural grants awarded through the Resilience-NYC initiative will enable organizations and programs working with women and families directly affected by changes in federal policies to address wide-ranging discrimination and abuse, including economic, sexual, and physical violence. Grants were awarded based on a program's capacity to build resistance to harmful policies and strategies and protect positive policy reforms at risk; support effective community-led solutions; build on the strengths of leaders, staff, and volunteers; and boost women's presence in the political process.

Recipients include IGNITE NYC, which was awarded $60,000 in support of an expansion of its NYC IGNITE fellowship; Movement for Justice in El Barrio, which will receive $30,000 to launch an immigrant rights organizing project aimed at defending the rights of all immigrants in East Harlem; Sakhi for South Asian Women, which was awarded $30,000 in support of a strategic planning process focused on redefining its programmatic goals and streamlining its work to more effectively meet the needs of its Muslim, South Asian, and Arab constituencies; and the Higher Heights for America Leadership Fund, which will receive $60,000 in support of a leadership development project focused on boosting the political participation of African-American women.

"After November's presidential election, it became clear that many New York City organizations would face increased demands for services with strained resources," said NYWF president and CEO Ana Oliveira. "The felt a growing urgency to organize and advocate against changes in policies that would have a detrimental impact on the people they serve: women, children, the poor, immigrants, and the LGBTQI community. In response, the New York Women's Foundation developed Resilience-NYC, a grantmaking strategy to protect, resist, and respond to the additional stresses of our grantee partners and help them to encourage engagement in protecting civil rights and social services."

For a complete list of grants, see the NYWF website.

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