New York Women's Foundation Awards $4.1 Million in First Half of 2018

New York Women's Foundation Awards $4.1 Million in First Half of 2018

The New York Women's Foundation has announced grants totaling more than $4.13 million to organizations working to address the complex needs faced by women, girls, trans, and gender-fluid individuals living at or below the poverty level in New York City.

Made during the first six months of the year, grants ranging from $40,000 to $150,000 were awarded to forty-three nonprofits in support of programs that focus on economic security, anti-violence and safety, health, sexual rights, and reproductive justice. Recipients include the Coro New York Leadership Center, which is partnering with the New York City Council to increase youth engagement in a participatory budgeting process and amplify their voices in government; the Laundry Workers Center, which educates low-wage workers in the laundry, warehouse, and food service industries about advocacy and the reform process; and Jahajee Sisters, which works to create a safe and equitable society for underserved Indo-Caribbean women and girls through healing, the arts, and leadership development.

The foundation also awarded multiyear grants for the first time in the areas of "Early Investment" and "Resilience NYC — Civic Engagement" to twenty-one organizations, enabling them to plan for both near- and long-term initiatives.

"Our grantmaking strategy creates opportunities to identify, support, and strengthen effective women-led, gender competent, community-based responses and solutions," said NYWF president and CEO Ana Oliveira, "with the intention of achieving long-lasting change, including individual transformation, community engagement, mobilization, and systemic change."

(Photo credit: Laundry Workers Center)