Nonprofit sector regained jobs in March but faces long recovery

Nonprofit  sector regained jobs in March but faces long recovery

The U.S. nonprofit sector regained eighty-one thousand jobs in March, the largest monthly rebound since August, an analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data by the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies finds.

The gain represents 8.9 percent of the jobs that were lost as of February 2021 and 4.9 percent of jobs losses as of June 2020. While all nonprofit categories saw job gains in March, more than half, some 45,685 jobs, were added by educational institutions, a 16.2 percent month-over-month increase, but still down more than 281,00 jobs on a year-over-year basis. Other gains were seen in social assistance, up more than ten thousand jobs in March, or 8.9 percent on a month-over-month basis; the arts, entertainment, and recreation, up nearly ten thousand jobs, or 8.1 percent; religious, grantmaking, civic, and professional, up more than thirty-one hundred jobs, or 3.9 percent; and health care, up nearly five thousand jobs, or 2.1 percent.

Despite recent job gains across the sector, the analysis found that the nonprofit workforce has shrunk 6.6 percent, or nearly 830,000 jobs, from February 2020 levels, with the largest declines in arts, entertainment, and recreation (-31.8 percent); educational services (-11.8 percent); religious, grantmaking, civic, and professional (-9.8 percent); social assistance (-6.9 percent); and health care (-3.6 percent).

Based on average rates of job recovery from July 2020 through March 2021, the center estimates  it will take the sector another eighteen months to reach pre-pandemic levels of employment, with arts, entertainment, and recreation expected to be the slowest to recover  (21.4 months), followed by religious, grantmaking, civic, and professional (15.8 months); health care (12 months); social assistance (8.8 months); and educational services (8.5 months).

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