Notre Dame Receives $75 Million for Research Program

The University of Notre Dame has announced a $75 million gift from alumnus and trustee John W. "Jay" Jordan in support of a research program in science and technology.

The gift — which brings Jordan's total giving to the university to $150 million — will be used to create a world-class research program in an area of science and technology that is new to Notre Dame and which has the potential to create innovative intellectual property that has important commercial potential. Among other things, the funds will be used to recruit top faculty and students, provide laboratory supplies and equipment, support seed grants, and create prototypes.

"Jay has often suggested that the future of research and innovation in this country and beyond is in the marriage of technology and science and has encouraged Notre Dame to be aggressive in building programs in this area," said Thomas G. Burish, the university's provost. "Once again, Jay has generously supported what he has encouraged and has done so at the highest level, consistent with his bold vision and expectations. It is but one more example of how Jay has helped Notre Dame become a better university."

Jordan is a co-founder of the Jordan Company, a private investment firm, and founder of holding company Jordan Industries, Inc. His philanthropic activities include the establishment of the Jordan Family Sports Foundation, which provides funding so that underprivileged youth can participate in organized athletics.

"Although I am not very knowledgeable in the technology sector, I know how important it is for our country to maintain leadership in state-of-the-art technology," said Jordan. "It is not only critical for socioeconomic reasons, but national security as well. I have always thought that you cannot invest too much in technology. Hopefully this gift to Notre Dame will elevate our leadership role in these areas and will have a global impact."