NoVo Foundation Announces Strategy for Supporting Girls of Color

NoVo Foundation Announces Strategy for Supporting Girls of Color

Photo credit: A Long Walk Home

The NoVo Foundation has announced the launch of a grantmaking strategy designed to strengthen and deepen the movement for girls and young women of color in the United States.

The outcome of a year-long listening tour designed to introduce and solicit feedback on the foundation's seven-year, $90 million Advancing Adolescent Girls' Rights Initiative, the strategy will support efforts defined and driven by girls and women of color that address the deep systemic, societal, and institutional challenges they face. Initially, the strategy will focus on three areas — providing flexible funding to community-based organizations; partnering with regional grantmaking and movement-building infrastructures, starting in the Southeast; and investing in national organizations that put the voices and needs of girls of color at the center of efforts to shift systems and shape narratives. The foundation's regional partner will house efforts designed to support existing nonprofit organizations, seed new ones, and possibly expand grantmaking to individuals and collectives, as well as provide the healing, political education, and organizing capacity needed to build and sustain a healthy field.

"The movement for girls of color in the U.S. is being led by fearless women, primarily women of color, often working on their own time and dime in a severely under-funded field," said Tynesha McHarris, fellow for the Advancing Adolescent Girls' Rights initiative. "Girls of color and their advocates have powerful visions for how to create meaningful change in their communities, this country, and the world. They are already doing amazing transformative work, and we must match their urgency and commitment by using our resources to help them make these visions reality."

"We believe that girls of color are experts in their own lives and wield immense power to transform their communities and the country," said NoVo Foundation co-presidents Jennifer and Peter Buffett. "We are excited to partner directly with girls of color and their advocates so that they can live in safety and peace, dream and imagine all the possibilities of their futures, access all that's necessary to live in dignity and fulfill their dreams, and feel celebrated and seen through love and connection."