NoVo Foundation Awards Grants Totaling $34 Million for Social Justice

NoVo Foundation Awards Grants Totaling $34 Million for Social Justice

The NoVo Foundation in New York City has announced grants totaling $34 million to nineteen social justice organizations in the United States and the Global South.

Awarded through the foundation's Radical Hope Fund, the grants will fund projects focused on the #MeToo movement, women's rights, and reproductive rights and justice; justice for immigrants and refugees; racial justice; mass incarceration, prison reform, and juvenile justice; LGBTQ rights and justice; economic justice, sustainable cities, and housing; climate and environmental justice; and the Korean peace process. Launched in 2017, the Radical Hope Fund is aimed at addressing worldwide trends in the resurgence of hate speech and violence, escalating assaults on human and civil rights, widening wealth inequality, and the rise in nativism.

Selected from among a thousand applicants and largely led by women of color, recipient organizations include the African Women's Development Fund, which was awarded $985,000 over three years to help strengthen feminist organizing across Africa; Allied Media Projects, which will receive $3 million over four years to drive social justice, media, art, and technology innovation at  the grassroots level in Detroit; the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, in partnership with the Climate Justice Alliance, Indigenous Environmental Network, and Right to the City Alliance, which were awarded a total of $3.5 million over four years in support of  a multiracial, multicultural, multi-generational alliance of organizations on the frontlines of racial, gender, housing, environmental, energy, and climate justice in the United States and Canada; Masimanyane Women's Rights International, which will receive $1.2 million over four years in support of its International Network to End Violence Against Women and Girls; and the People's Action Institute, which was awarded $1.8 million over four years in support of an initiative to build new capacity in rural and small-town communities in eleven states.

"We launched the Radical Hope Fund as a radical experiment — can a time of increasing repression and darkness also serve as a springboard for deep collaboration and transformative change?" said NoVo Foundation co-presidents Jennifer and Peter Buffett in a statement. "The answer has been overwhelming: feminist grassroots advocacy, activism, and organizing are thriving across the globe, new partnerships are growing, and justice leaders everywhere are planting the seeds for a radical new world based in equity, possibility, power, and dignity for all."

"We hear a lot about innovation in the social sector, but the truth is that marginalized communities are rarely granted the trust, support, and space they need to experiment and dream," said NoVo Foundation executive director Pamela Shifman. "The Radical Hope Fund grantees show us that radical innovation is already happening, feminist organizing is already leading our way, and the answer so many are looking for in these challenging times is already in front of us, if only we are willing to back it up with the trust and support it deserves."

(Photo credit: NoVo Foundation)

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