Omidyar Network Invests $2 Million in DataKind

The Omidyar Network has announced a three-year, $2 million investment in DataKind, a nonprofit that matches data scientists with social change organizations to help maximize social impact.

The funding will support New York City-based DataKind's efforts to connect data science and social sector experts working to address critical challenges around the world, including education, poverty, health, human rights, and the environment. ON has supported DataKind since 2014, and its latest investment will enable the organization to scale its services, driving greater collaboration between governments, nonprofits, and technologists. The funds also will enable DataKind to test new approaches using predictive analytics, providing a better understanding of data's potential to predict and identify issues related to financial transparency and fiscal governance.

"Omidyar Network is proud to support DataKind's innovative model to engage data scientists in addressing urgent issues that impact the lives of millions of people," said Stacy Donohue, investment partner at ON. "DataKind has been a pioneer in the emerging field of data science for good by mobilizing data scientists via a tiered engagement model and global chapters in five countries. From weekend-long DataDives to short-term DataCorps projects to in-house projects with DataKind Labs, DataKind's volunteers and staff are poised to create substantial impact on issues facing governments and nonprofits globally."