Online giving up more than 20 percent in 2020, report finds

Online giving up more than 20 percent in 2020, report finds

Online giving grew 21 percent during 2020, a report from the Blackbaud Institute, a research division of cloud software company Blackbaud, finds.

Based on fundraising revenue data totaling $40.7 billion from 8,833 nonprofit organizations and online giving data totaling $3.2 billion from 4,964 nonprofit organizations, the report, Charitable Giving Report: Using 2020 Data to Transform Your Strategy (28 pages, PDF), found that online giving grew 20.7 percent in 2020, and that 13 percent of all funds raised came from online donations, the largest share as a percentage of total giving in the history of the report.

The report also found that nonprofit organizations of all sizes saw positive growth in online giving in 2020, with large organizations (total annual fundraising of more than $10 million) reporting an average increase of 15.0 percent, midsize nonprofits (annual fundraising between $1 million and $10 million) reporting an average increase of 24.9 percent, and small nonprofits (annual fundraising of less than $1 million) reporting an average increase of 22.3 percent. Average donation amounts also increased, with the average overall donation clocking in at $737 (a $120 year-over-year increase) and the average online donation coming in at $177 (a $29 year-over-year increase).

While the report found that charitable giving in the United States increased 2 percent in 2020, large organizations saw their fundraising revenues increase 5.3 percent, while midsize organizations saw a 1.2 percent in fundraising revenue and revenue for small nonprofits fell 7.2 percent.

"Each year, we produce the Charitable Giving Report to give social good organizations a comprehensive look at how giving performed and to provide best practices that will help organizations boost their fundraising," said Steve MacLaughlin, Blackbaud's vice president of product management and senior advisor to the Blackbaud Institute. "While 2020 presented a multitude of hardships, we saw significant resiliency in the social good sector and growth in giving. It was truly a year of digital transformation as online giving growth proved to be an integral part of the modern nonprofit's strategy."