Open Society Foundations announces 2020 Soros Arts Fellows

Open Society Foundations announces 2020 Soros Arts Fellows

The Open Society Foundations has announced the ten recipients of the 2020 Soros Arts Fellowship.

Now in its third year, the fellowship provides socially engaged artists, curators, cultural organizers, and researchers working at the intersection of public space, migration, and the arts with an $80,000 stipend over eighteen months to explore a project of their own design, as well as personalized professional development and mentorship opportunities. This year's fellows hail from the United States, Brazil, Botswana, Jamaica, Nigeria, Palestine, St. Croix, Syria, Tlingít Aaní, and their respective diasporas. Selected projects include a collaboration between performing artists and social activists that documents an alternative history of Syrian migration; sustainable sculptures in Jamaica's Cockpit Country, an area of historic Maroon resistance now threatened by environmentally destructive policies; and performances exploring the connections in Brazil between colonization, slavery, the sugar cane trade, and the contemporary struggle for racial justice.

"We are honored to support this extraordinary group of artists and cultural producers, whose work explores the realities of migration, diaspora, and indigeneity from a range of perspectives," said Rashida Bumbray, director of OSF's Culture and Art program. "The COVID-19 pandemic and the current global reckoning with systemic injustice magnifies inequities in our societies that marginalized communities have faced for generations. That's why the work of our fellows is so urgent, as they work on the frontlines of culture to advance self-determined narratives and inspire collective change."

For a complete list of the 2020 Soros Arts Fellows, see the Open Society Foundations website. 

(Photo credit: Open Society Foundations)

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