Packard Foundation commits $100 million for justice, equity

Packard Foundation commits $100 million for justice, equity

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation has announced a five-year, $100 million commitment in support of efforts to advance racial justice and equity. 

In a blog post, Packard Foundation board chair David Orr wrote that in discussions with staff members and the board, "one thing became clear: until we focus the resources and energy of the Packard Foundation toward justice and equity for Black people and people of color, we will not live up to the organizational values that guide how we work with one another, with our grantees, and with the communities our grantees serve."

With the aim of providing resources to Black-led social change organizations in the short term, including leaders and organizers of the Movement for Black Lives, the foundation awarded a t $20 million grant to Solidaire Network's Black Liberation Pooled Fund. The partnership with Solidaire also will provide staff and trustees with opportunities to hear from funded organizations and learn from their work.

In addition to the $100 million commitment, the foundation's board has asked program teams to review how the organization can center justice and equity in grantmaking outcomes using current resources and, over the longer term, "how justice and equity will inform future grantmaking strategy reviews and...actively [shift] the balance of power between the [f]oundation, our grantees, and the communities they serve." The foundation also will look at how it can change its practices and processes to better reflect the world it envisions, with the goal of improving justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

"These initial actions and commitments are only a beginning," wrote Orr. "Living up to these promises will take time and perseverance. We will certainly encounter challenges and make mistakes, but we are resolved to work through these questions and to hold ourselves accountable."

(Photo credit: Anthony Quintano via Flicker)

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