Partners Will Support African-American Girls, Women in the Southeast

Partners Will Support African-American Girls, Women in the Southeast

The New York City-based NoVo Foundation has announced a new partnership with the Southern Black Girls & Women's Consortium, a collective of funders, activists, and community leaders working to advance the movements for African-American girls and women in the Southeast.

To that end, the consortium will work to create an infrastructure in support of regional grantmaking and movement building, providing resources to locally based organizations that work directly with African-American girls and women. Coordinated by LaTosha Brown of TruthSpeaks Consulting, the consortium comprises a community of black women in philanthropy, activism, and girls' work and is supported by the Appalachian Community Fund, the Black Belt Community Foundation, and the Fund for Southern Communities.

The announcement of the partnership follows the 2017 launch of the foundation's Advancing Adolescent Girls' Rights initiative, which works to advance grantmaking in support of adolescent girls in the region. According to the foundation, only 5.4 percent of all foundation funding in the South went to support programs focused on women and girls, while less than 1 percent was directed to programs and organizations focused on African-American women and girls.

"Movement leaders and activists in the South have had a tremendous impact on our country's history but have not received the philanthropic support they deserve," said NoVo Foundation executive director Pamela Shifman. "We trust their leadership and approach to growing the movement for girls of color throughout the U.S. and are excited about collaborating together."

(Photo credit: NoVo Foundation)