PCORI Awards Grants Totaling $94 Million for Research

PCORI Awards Grants Totaling $94 Million for Research

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute has announced grants totaling $94 million in support of comparative clinical effectiveness research (CER) studies and efforts to promote research partnerships.

Grants totaling $74 million were awarded in support of nine CER studies focused on treatments for opioid use disorders, obesity, and other conditions that impose high burdens on patients, caregivers, and the healthcare system. The grants include $10.2 million to fund two projects focused on medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for pregnant women with opioid use disorders — $5.3 million to Dartmouth College to compare outcomes for women who receive prenatal care in practices that also provide MAT with those of women who are referred by their providers to specialty care for MAT, and $4.9 million to the University of Kentucky to compare outcomes for rural women who, in addition to prenatal care and MAT, receive an evidence-based curriculum, either through in-person group sessions led by a perinatal nurse facilitator and a peer support specialist, or through telemedicine consultations with specialists in high-risk pregnancy, addiction care, substance use counseling, and neonatology.

The organization also awarded $14 million to the Washington University School of Medicine for a project that compares two guideline-based approaches to obesity treatment for children; $6.1 million for an Oregon Health and Science University study that compares different antibiotic therapies for treating the most common type of chronic, pulmonary, nontuberculous infection caused by Mycobacterium avium complex; and $2.6 million for a Cedars-Sinai Health System project comparing three approaches to treating depression in people with advanced heart failure.

"These latest projects reflect the best ideas for urgently needed research on topics prioritized using input from patients, caregivers, clinicians, and other stakeholders," said PCORI executive director Joe Selby. "The new studies expand our portfolio of patient-centered comparative effectiveness research that will produce vital evidence to address difficult questions on topics that matter most to patients."

In addition, PCORI awarded grants totaling $20 million to  four projects that will use the National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network (PCORnet) to test ways to improve care for people with arthritis, high blood pressure, depression, and irritable bowel disease. The projects are aimed at fostering relationships between researchers and stakeholder partners within PCORnet and linking disparate data sources to access a more complete picture of patient care.

(Photo credit: PCORI)