Plough Foundation Awards $4.5 Million to Establish New Center for Sterile Drug Delivery Systems

The Memphis-based Plough Foundation has announced a $4.5 million grant to the University of Tennessee Health Science Center to establish a center for sterile drug delivery systems in the new College of Pharmacy building.

The grant will cover all project costs for the new Plough Center for Sterile Drug Delivery Systems, including design, construction, and equipment, as well as the installation of data and telecommunication services. The new center will serve as an educational hub for teaching and training pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists, and highly skilled employees for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, and will provide an environment for the development and manufacturing of "small molecule" drug products to treat cancers, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, and other life-threatening conditions.

"We appreciate this extremely generous grant and the synergistic partnership that it symbolizes," said UT College of Pharmacy dean Dick Gourley. "This funding will allow both of our organizations to compound the impact of our accomplishments for the benefit of our students, industry professionals and regulators, and the greater Memphis community."