Ray Charles Foundation Awards $1 Million Grant to Educating Young Minds

The Ray Charles Foundation has announced a $1 million grant to Educating Young Minds to help boost the organization's capacity to provide educational services to underserved K-12 students in the Los Angeles area.

The grant will enable EYM to both increase its outreach and ensure its sustainability by expanding the scope of its efforts to improve students' reading and math levels, study habits, social skills, and academic and/or emotional maturity. To that end, the organization is bringing its services online to reach more children while planning for the opening of satellite centers throughout the region.

Established twenty-five years ago by Angeles Echols-Brown, the nonprofit learning center provides tutoring, mentoring, counseling, college scholarships, and other services to families in need. It also offers home-school instruction during the day, afterschool tutorials, Saturday test prep and basic skills classes, a six-week summer school program, and online educational and vocational services. Out of approximately four thousand young people EYM has served, 87 percent of its graduates have gone on to four-year colleges and post-graduate education.

"Educating Young Minds' holistic approach speaks to the very core of Mr. Charles' vision for his foundation, specifically his concern for our youth and the tremendous importance of education," stated Valerie Ervin, president of the Ray Charles Foundation. "The success of these young people, plus the fact that so many graduates of the program return to EYM to help their younger peers would have delighted Mr. Charles to no end."

"Ray Charles Foundation Awards $1 Million Grant to Educating Young Minds." Ray Charles Foundation Press Release 07/30/2012.