Rockefeller Foundation Announces Bellagio Center Fellows

The Rockefeller Foundation has announced the recipients of its Academic Writing, Arts & Literary Arts, and Practitioner residencies at the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center in Bellagio, Italy.

Selected on the basis of compelling individual work and significant accomplishments within their field, fifty fellows will spend a month at the center focused on addressing some of the world's most pressing challenges. Once in residence, fellows will focus on issues ranging from improving equitable access to health care, to building the resilience of commercial marine fisheries, to studying the impact of globalization on local culture and tradition.

This year's fellows in academic writing include Kwaku Poku Asante (Kintampo Health Research Centre, Ghana), Art Blume (Washington State University), Subarno Chattarji (University of Delhi, India), Peter Littlejohns (King's College London, United Kingdom), and Melanie Samson (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa). In the arts and literary arts, the fellows include Hisham Bustani (fiction, Jordan), Mark Gevisser (non-fiction, Ireland), Shalini Kantayya (filmmaker, United States), Jonatas Manzolli (composer, Brazil), and Mshai Mwangola (performance artist, Kenya). And the practitioner fellows include Isabella Epiu (Health Solutions International, Uganda), Janice Schaffer (J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism, U.S.), Claudia Surjadjaja (ALERTAsia Foundation, Indonesia), Alfredo Toro Hardy (Venezuelan Embassy in Singapore), and Marie Wilson (Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada).

"At the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center, we gather the world's leading minds in a tranquil environment that deliberately holds the world at bay, allowing residents to focus on their work, think freely, and share their diverse perspectives with one another, creating a stimulating intellectual experience," said Claudia Juech, associate vice president and managing director at the Rockefeller Foundation. "We are excited to announce the selection of these residents who are visionaries in their professions and change-makers whose work — like the work of the foundation itself — aims to improve the lives of humanity around the world."

For a complete list of this year's Bellagio Center fellows, see the Rockefeller Foundation website.

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