Rockefeller Invests $3 Million in Health Technology Accelerator

Rockefeller Invests $3 Million in Health Technology Accelerator

Medic Mobile, a San Francisco-based nonprofit software developer whose tools enhance health workers' ability to deliver equitable care, has announced $3 million in seed funding from the Rockefeller Foundation to launch a health technology accelerator.

Awarded through the foundation's Precision Public Health initiative, the grant will support Medic Labs' efforts to pursue "moonshot" ideas aimed at driving better community health outcomes through the intentional, equitable application of data science. Through its open-source Community Health Toolkit project, Medic Mobile has built, over the last decade, digital health applications used by more than twenty-seven thousand health workers in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Operating as a separate research unit within Medic Mobile, Medic Labs will work to roll out promising new developments in partnership with health system partners in fourteen countries, with an initial focus on human-centered design, data integration, and data interoperability and third-party solution integration.

"New datasets and precision approaches to clinical practice are transforming health care for the wealthy, and it is time for the powerful insights underlying this shift to strengthen health systems serving the poorest and hardest-to-reach communities," said Isaac Holeman, co-founder and chief research officer of Medic Mobile and head of Medic Labs. "Medic Labs will play a crucial role in realizing the potential of Precision Public Health, creating human-centered solutions that help community health systems to reach more people in need and improve health outcomes for everyone."

"Moonshot ideas have generated innovations that have transformed the lives of many," said Naveen A. Rao, senior vice president for health at the Rockefeller Foundation. "[We are] proud to support Medic Labs as they apply this approach to generating new ideas that have the potential to advance precision in public health and improve health for all. I welcome others to join us in supporting such bold approaches to solving the world's greatest public health challenges."

(Photo credit: Medic Mobile)