Ruth Mott Foundation extends Flint-based strategy through 2025

Ruth Mott Foundation extends Flint-based strategy through 2025

The Ruth Mott Foundation in Flint, Michigan, has announced plans to extend its place-based focus on North Flint through 2025. 

Launched in 2016, the strategy addresses the four top priorities of North Flint residents — youth, public safety, economic opportunity, and neighborhoods. Over the next five years, the foundation will continue to seek feedback from residents with respect to those priorities and issues related to them, including blight elimination, job training, and the creation of neighborhood centers and programming.

To date, the foundation has awarded grants totaling more than $28 million in support of community programs in North Flint, including grants in support of forty out-of-school-time youth development programs, trash removal efforts and park upgrades by the Genesee County Parks and Recreation Commission, and the opening and/or operation of eight community centers.

"We knew that shifting to a more focused place-based approach in Flint would require a long-term commitment — and that was before the water crisis and before COVID-19," said Ruth Mott Foundation president Raquel Thueme. "As we renew our commitment to North Flint, we pledge to continue listening to the people who live and work here and directing our resources within the neighborhoods and priorities that need them the most."

(Photo credit: Ruth Mott Foundation)

"Ruth Mott Foundation extends north Flint focus for another 5 years." Ruth Mott Foundation press release 02/17/2021.