Salesforce commits $410 million for racial equality and justice

Salesforce commits $410 million for racial equality and justice

San Francisco-based Salesforce has announced philanthropic and business commitments totaling at least $410 million in support of efforts to address racial inequality and injustice.

The commitments include $200 million in philanthropic support and a million volunteer hours over the next five years for organizations working to advance racial equity and justice at the global, national, and local levels; nearly half the funds will support public education and efforts aimed at closing the achievement gap for African-American and underrepresented minority students.  

The company also committed software, training, certifications, and donations worth $10 million through Tableau Software — which it acquired last year — in support of a Racial Justice Data Initiative aimed at empowering local changemakers to use data to address the prejudice, violence, and structural inequities that African-American communities face. To that end, Tableau and the Tableau Foundation's equity program will create an "equity data hub" with the aim of making more data about issues of race and equity publicly available. 

In addition, Salesforce will advocate for policies that address the equity gap in areas such as housing, homelessness, health care, education, paid time off, public transportation, workforce development, and environmental justice and will push for meaningful police reform and anti-racism and -discrimination legislation. The company also plans to invest $100 million through Salesforce Ventures to empower companies led by Black and underrepresented minority founders and will spend $100 million with Black-owned businesses over the next three years and increase its spend with minority-owned businesses by 25 percent on an annual basis.

Internally, the company has committed to boosting the number of African Americans it employs in the U.S. by 50 percent and will double Black representation in its U.S. leadership ranks by the end of 2023. 

"As we navigate both the global health and economic crises that have amplified inequalities, our values become even more important," the company said in a post on its website. "We are taking action to stand with the Black community seeking equality and justice — and we stand against racism, violence, and hate."

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