Sloan Foundation Announces 2015 Research Fellowships

Sloan Foundation Announces 2015 Research Fellowships

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation in New York City has announced  a hundred and twenty-six early-career scientists and researchers as recipients of  2015 Sloan Research Fellowships.

Awarded annually since 1955, the fellowships, which include a $50,000 grant to be used to further a fellow's research, are awarded to scientists and scholars from the United States and Canada in the fields of chemistry, computer science, economics, mathematics, evolutionary and computational molecular biology, neuroscience, ocean sciences, and physics whose achievements identify them as rising stars.

Representing fifty-seven colleges and universities, this year's fellows include a synthetic biologist who has developed a revolutionary method of engineering precise genetic changes in micro-organisms; a chemist who is exploring ways to deliver drugs and other therapeutic molecules into heretofore inaccessible regions of mammalian cells; a computer scientist who is designing software to help inhibit state-level censorship of the Internet; and an economist who studies the factors that drive innovation in health care.

"The beginning of one's career is a crucial time in the life of a scientist," said Sloan Foundation president Paul L. Joskow. "Building a lab, attracting funding in an increasingly competitive environment, and securing tenure all depend on doing innovative, original high-quality work and having that work recognized. For more than fifty years, the Sloan Foundation has been proud to celebrate the achievements of extraordinary young scientists who are pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge."

For a complete list of this year's Sloan Research Fellows, visit the Sloan Foundation website.

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