Soros Pledges $1 Billion for Education Network

Soros Pledges $1 Billion for Education Network

Philanthropist and financier George Soros has announced a commitment of $1 billion to endow a new university network aimed at better preparing students for current and future global challenges.

Previously announced during the opening ceremony of the new Vienna home of Central European University, the Open Society University Network (OSUN) will build on an existing arrangement between CEU, an institution founded in 1991 by Soros, and Bard College. According to an Open Society Foundations press release, OSUN will seek to promote rigorous education and provide institutions in need of international partners, as well as neglected populations such as refugees, incarcerated people, and the Roma and other displaced groups, with networked courses that connect students and faculty from universities located in different parts of the world.

"We can't build a global network on our own," said Soros. "I hope that those who share this vision will join us in making it a reality....We are looking for farsighted partner institutions who feel a responsibility for the future of our civilization, people who are inspired by the goals of OSUN and want to participate in its realization."

(Photo credit: Karl Rabe)

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