St. David's Foundation awards $31 million for safety net, health care

St. David's Foundation awards $31 million for safety net, health care

The St. David's Foundation in Austin, Texas, has announced grants totaling more than $31.6 million in support of efforts to meet the basic needs of individuals impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and address health disparities in central Texas.

According to a survey the foundation fielded in October in partnership with the Episcopal Health Foundation, many communities in the region are experiencing significant impacts and hardship as a result of the pandemic, with Travis County residents more likely than those in the rest of the state to report skipping or postponing preventative medical care (42 percent vs. 32 percent), being "very worried" that the virus will further impact the local economy (46 percent vs. 39 percent), or that local businesses will close permanently (66 percent vs. 58 percent). Survey respondents with household incomes under $75,000 were more likely to report experiencing negative impacts related to the public health emergency. 

To help ensure timely access to care and strengthen the region's healthcare infrastructure, the foundation awarded general operating and project support grants to fifty-six nonprofits, including safety-net clinics and organizations providing palliative care, home visiting services, and food assistance. Recipients include Austin Palliative Care ($500,000), Central Texas Food Bank ($270,051), CommuniCare Health Centers ($1.28 million), Ending Community Homelessness Coalition ($850,000), Caring Place ($200,000), Meals on Wheels Central Texas In-Home Care ($645,000), Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas ($765,000), and the University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing ($308,078).

"As we embark upon the new year with renewed hope for a healthier tomorrow, we are humbled by the fortitude of our community while knowing much remains unknown as we face the coming months and as our communities continue to struggle amidst a global crisis," the foundation said in a statement. "We will stand by our nonprofit community at every opportunity as we work to advance health equity and work to uplift our Central Texas neighbors."

(Photo credit: Central Texas Food Bank)

"Year-end grants address health equity disparities in central Texas." St. David's Foundation press release 12/17/2020.