Surdna, Andrus Award $800,000 for Next-Gen Social Justice Philanthropy

Surdna, Andrus Award $800,000 for Next-Gen Social Justice Philanthropy

The Surdna Foundation, in partnership with the Andrus Family Fund, has announced grants totaling $800,000 to help build the field of next-generation social justice philanthropy.

As part of its Centennial grantmaking initiatives, Surdna and AFF are providing resources to family foundations, community foundations, and donor-advised funds looking to pursue next-generation social justice philanthropy, with a focus on best practices, furthering dialogue, and building networks of philanthropists and foundations focused on advancing racial equity and social justice initiatives.

Recipients include the Association of Black Foundation Executives, which was awarded a grant for its work to build a network of next-generation high-net-worth African-American individuals and/or families working to support black-led social justice organizations and initiatives; the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, in support of the Funding Queerly Giving Circle, a group of young donors working with Astraea to mobilize resources for grassroots LGBTQI groups; Exponent Philanthropy, for its NextGen Fellows Program; the North Star Fund, in support of a program that uses an explicit race and class justice lens to introduce a multiracial donor cohort to philanthropy; and Thousand Currents, in support of a donor training institute.

"Recognizing the entrenched wealth and racial inequities that exist across the United States today, foundations, and donors want to engage future generations of philanthropists around philanthropic models centered on social justice, race, and equity — but many lack the resources and relationships to do so," said AFF executive director Leticia Peguero. "We hope this initiative will usher in a new era of family philanthropy and next-generation engagement — one that engages the next generation of philanthropists to address systemic inequity through social justice philanthropy."

(Photo credit: Funding Queerly Giving Circle)