Surdna Foundation commits $36 million for racial justice

Surdna Foundation commits $36 million for racial justice

The New York City-based Surdna Foundation has announced a three-year, $36 million commitment in support of efforts to advance racial justice nationwide.

The commitment is in addition to the foundation's annual grantmaking of roughly $41.5 million and will help existing grantees address the critical needs of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities struggling to meet the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and persistent anti-Black racism. An initial round of grants — which include program- and mission-related investments — will support grassroots organizations and networks working at the intersection of racial, economic, and climate justice; artists and arts organizations threatened by COVID-related revenue losses and those working to advance racial justice in their communities; businesses and entrepreneurs of color in need of access to capital; and efforts to abolish youth prisons and foster safe communities. 

"We are at a pivotal moment in our nation's long journey toward racial justice," said Surdna Foundation president Don Chen. "We are increasing our spending to give grantees breathing room to respond to the demands of today and make progress toward long-term reforms that address deep structural racism. Our grantee partners bring the lived experience, creativity, networks, strategies, and solutions to realize a more just and sustainable nation."

(Photo credit: James Eades via Unsplash)

"Surdna Foundation announces additional $36 million for racial justice." Surdna Foundation press release 10/14/2020.