Task Force for Global Health Announces Gifts Totaling $12 Million

Task Force for Global Health Announces Gifts Totaling $12 Million

The Task Force for Global Health has announced gifts from the Robert W. Woodruff and Conrad N. Hilton foundations in support of a capital campaign to for a new headquarters building in Decatur, Georgia.

A $10 million gift from Woodruff and $2 million from Hilton will support the organization's goal to raise $24 million for the renovation of a newly purchased 90,000-square-foot building that can accommodate up to three hundred and seventy-five staff members, more than triple the organization's current staff size. TFGH, the largest nonprofit in Georgia, works to address large-scale health problems affecting the poor in developing countries, with a focus on the control and elimination of neglected tropical diseases, increasing access to vaccines, and strengthening health systems. Earlier this year, the Hilton Foundation awarded the organization the $2 million Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize for its contributions to the alleviation of human suffering.

For a period of up to five years, TFGH will lease half the new building to its former owners, DeKalb County. The organization also is exploring how it might help address high chronic disease rates in DeKalb County and envisions developing a new center for global health in the building where other global health nonprofits might co-locate and collaborate.

"We are deeply grateful to the Woodruff and Hilton foundations, as well as DeKalb County, for supporting us in acquiring this facility," said Task Force president and CEO David Ross. "Our new headquarters will give us the means to increase the impact of our existing programs, launch new programs, and recruit the best talent in global health. The building will also help fuel our region's economic development and raise metro Atlanta's profile as a global health center."

"The Task Force for Global Health is helping address some of the world's greatest health needs," said Robert W. Woodruff Foundation president Russ Hardin. "They work in partnership with hundreds of organizations to leverage resources and expertise for an extraordinary collective impact. We are proud that one of the world's largest and most effective nonprofits calls Decatur home."

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