Tepper Foundation Announces $3 Million Gift to Feeding America

Feeding America has announced a $3 million gift from the David Tepper Charitable Foundation in Livingston, New Jersey, to purchase new refrigerated trucks and replace the aging fleet of vehicles operated by the nationwide network of foodbanks.

The gift was made through the foundation's Hunger Relief Fleet program and comes during a critical time. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, more than fifty million Americans are food insecure. The fleet of trucks will be used to safely and efficiently transport more than three billion pounds of perishables to those in need.

"With more than fifteen hundred trucks on the road picking up donations of food and grocery products from manufacturers and retailers, the Feeding America legion of trucks is helping us feed more than thirty-seven million people each year," said Feeding America president and CEO Vicki Escarra. "This generous gift will allow Feeding America foodbanks to maintain their current trucking fleet and replace older models in order to keep food moving into our food banks and out to local agencies. We are incredibly thankful to David and the foundation for this investment in our vision for a hunger-free America."