The Sentry receives $3.23 million to track war crimes, profiteering

The Sentry receives $3.23 million to track war crimes, profiteering

The Dutch Postcode Lottery has announced a three-year, €2.7 million ($3.23 million) grant to The Sentry in support of the latter’s work to track and expose laundered money connected to African war criminals and international war profiteers.

Co-founded in 2016 by George Clooney and John Prendergast, The Sentry is a strategic partner of the Clooney Foundation for Justice. In the years since it was established, the organization has helped create real financial consequences for many officials and commercial actors responsible for perpetuating and profiting from human rights crimes; documented evidence of corruption and fraud associated with the global COVID-19 response; and worked with the United Kingdom’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office to help design FCDO's Global Human Rights Sanctions program.

"Exposing the networks that facilitate illicit financial flows, political corruption, and war-profiteering is at the core of the Sentry's mandate," said Rawan Shaif, an investigator at the organization. "This grant is a vital investment in cultivating an environment where accountability for these crimes is not just a concept but rather a tangible reality. This tremendous opportunity will amplify our work with partners and allies to hold account warlords, politicians, and profiteers that continue to exploit local and international financial systems to benefit from violence and corruption."

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