Thirty-Five Art Projects Receive 2020 Creative Capital Awards


Creative Capital, a New York City-based nonprofit that supports adventurous artists across the country through funding, counsel, gatherings, and career development services, has announced its 2020 Creative Capital Awards.

Grants totaling $3.5 million were awarded to forty-one artists representing thirty-five projects in fifteen states and U.S. territories, with more than 76 percent of the artists identifying as people of color, 56 percent identifying as women, 14 percent identifying as trans or gender-nonbinary, and two identifying as disabled. Each project will receive $50,000 in funding and in-kind career development services valued at $50,000.

The winning projects include Jubilee 11213 (Ebony Noelle Golden), a multi-generational theater collaboration that advances civic action and creativity practiced at the founding of the Weeksville community in Brooklyn; The Mass Incarceration Quilt (Jesse Krimes), a series that uses participatory art practices to render visible people and perspectives obscured by the criminal justice system; Future Ancestral Technologies (Cannupa Hanska Luger), an Indigenous-centered approach to making art objects, video, and performance with the intent to influence global consciousness; On the Eve of Abolition (Papel Machete), a bilingual play in Spanish and English that tells the speculative fiction story of the last prison in the United States; and The Prisoner's Apothecary (jackie sumell), a traveling project and community-driven strategy dedicated to education, harm-reduction, and healing.

Additional recipients include Lunch At Guantanamo (Randa Jarrar), a fantastical, semi-satirical novel set in 2045 Guantanamo Bay; Silent Beauty (Jasmin Mara López), a personal documentary about child sexual abuse and a culture of silence; and The Redwood Preserve (Jarrett Mellenbruch), a land art and social enterprise project to restore the ancient California redwood forest obliterated by logging in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

"Though these artists come to us from very different backgrounds, work in different fields, and explore a wide range of subjects, they share a dedication to pushing boundaries, both ours and their own," said Creative Capital president and executive director Suzy Delvalle. "We are thrilled to be supporting them and their work and cannot wait to see these projects grow and mature to fruition."

For a complete list of the 2020 awardees, see the Creative Capital website.

(Photo credit: Papel Machete; Erik McGregor, Tina Orlandini)

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