Three couples sign on to Giving Pledge

Three couples sign on to Giving Pledge

Three more couples have signed the Giving Pledge, bringing to two hundred and nineteen the total number of individuals and couples pledging to give the majority of their wealth in support of philanthropic causes.

The new signatories include Bongjin Kim, founder and CEO of Woowa Brothers, which created what has become the largest food delivery app in South Korea, and his wife, Bomi Sul; they are the first Koreans to sign on to the campaign. "Ten years ago, when I was running a small company of less than twenty employees, I read an article about Bill Gates and Warren Buffett making the pledge and had a wild dream of one day making the pledge myself," Kim wrote in the couple's pledge letter. "It is very overwhelming that I am making such a pledge today. I would be delighted beyond measure if the dream I once had could be the dream of many more founders who are trying to change the world."

Others who have joined the campaign this year include Ben Silbermann, co-founder and CEO of Pinterest, and his wife, Divya Bhaskaran Silbermann; and Byron Trott, founder, chair, and CEO of BDT Capital Partners, and his wife, Tina. The Trotts, who announced their pledge in January, have long focused their philanthropy on education and launched rootEd Alliance in 2018 with the goal of addressing the most challenging barriers to success after high school for students in rural communities.

"Today, we know that many young people have neither strong support systems nor the opportunities we had and sadly often get left behind, unable to realize their full potential. It is this reality that drives our giving philosophy and focus," the Trotts wrote in their pledge letter. "Our family is unanimous in and motivated by this commitment to put the majority of our wealth to work in philanthropic endeavors. It may be the most important work that we will do together and if done right, should certainly be the most rewarding."

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